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Instructor Murshid Specialist in Mental and Neurological Diseases Psychologist Dr. Rashid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.)

Instructor Murshid Specialist in

Instructor Murshid Specialist in Mental and Neurological Diseases Psychologist Dr. Rashid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.)

Instructor Murshid Specialist in Mental and Neurological Diseases Psychologist Dr. Rashid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.)

Instructor Murshid Specialist in
Instructor Murshid Specialist in Mental and Neurological Diseases Psychologist Dr. Rashid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.)

The founder of Sâdiqat (The Way of Faith) and (Hz. The New Way of Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A) Instructor Mürşidi Kâmil (Spiritual Teacher) Specialist in Mental and Neurological Diseases Clinical Psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) was born in 1960 in a Christian family in Bremen, Germany.

His family has an important position in the Christian world!

Dr. Râshid Haake’s (K.S.A.) parents are senior education and civil service managers in Germany. Especially his family has a beloved and important reputation in the eyes of Christian society. Because his family has carried out important projects in a sustainable context by fighting big in terms of sensitivity to social issues in the status of civil initiative in the Christian community.

“For all these reasons, Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake’s (K.S.A.) family is highly appreciated and loved in the eyes of the Christian community.”

Among Christian rulers it has provoked reactions and controversies.

Instructor Murshid (Spiritual Teacher)

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) found at a very young age some openly visible spiritual conditions that had to leave him alone at home instead of taking him to bureaucratic and political cocktails, balls and various meetings that family had to attend. Because when they take it to these programs, Dr. There are states of emergency in Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) and he responds with a multi-faceted science/science in relation to the issues and problems discussed by Christian rulers in this society among themselves, produces solutions to the problems discussed, leaves Christian rulers in amazement and is conveyed that it is them.

He communicated with Christian scholars and rulers through Islamic sources.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. In the programs they participated with Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), he did not remain comfortable and made Islamic spiritual discourses against Christian rulers in society and criticized the rulers and their entourage who served Christianity for their mood. Although he is still young (6-7-8) years old, the fact that a great science, deep and internalized information came to light and with all this created a great awareness of religious issues, angered and worried the people around him.

In this way, although it caused reaction anger between his particular situations (spiritual behavior) and the Christians who were there, he actually admired him from the inside. So much so that some of them questioned their own mood and caused them to investigate Islam. Although even Christian rulers are still young, Dr. Râshid began to listen attentively to İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) and their normal life to which they were accustomed became meaningless in their own eyes and they questioned this situation. (On this occasion, many Christians became Muslims by choosing Islam).

“Just like the extraordinary situation/condition (like reliable, safe and respected in the environment) Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) carried similar fate ingredients.”

“His family, Dr. Râshid İbrahim had to punish Haake (K.S.A.)!”

For these reasons, his family has taken Dr. Instead of bringing Râshid Haake(K.S.A.) to the meetings and programs in question, they eased his so-called conscience by thinking that they were punishing their sons according to their own beliefs by leaving them alone at home. Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. This situation of Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) was very important. Thinking that this was given to him as an opportunity by Allah (C.C.), Dr. Since Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) is now alone, he devoted himself to various scientific assignments of supporting and spiritual Islamic knowledge.

Hazrat Hızır (A.S.), who raised Hace Abdülhalik Göcdüvani (K.S.A.), one of the elders of Silsile, Dr. He also trained and coached Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.).

Islamic scholars and scholars who know him explained this rare important situation as follows: Murshid, the founding trainer of ‘Sâdiqat (The Way of Faithfuls), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Da Râshid İbrahim Haake(K.S.A.) will take on important tasks in the future and fulfill a mission that provides balance by providing great services in the name of Islam in the world, we believe that he was educated from the realm of spirituality and especially from Hızır Aleyhisselam There is also an example of this situation in the history of Silsile, who was trained and educated with the same method of practice in Hace Abdülhalik Göcdüvani (K.S.A.), one of the elders of Silsile.

At a young age, he ordered some books that belonged to the Quranic meaning, prayer rug, rosary, miswak and Islamic scholars!

Murshid, der Gründungstrainer von Sâdikat (Sadıklar Yolu), Spezialist für psychische und neurologische Erkrankungen, klinischer Psychologe Dr. Auf dem Weg zu den Treffen seiner Familie oder verschiedenen Sonderprogrammen (sogenannte religiöse Veranstaltungen wie Easter-DON, die die Deutschen jedes Jahr machen) in Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), “Sohn, wenn wir nach Hause zurückkehren, lass uns dir bringen, was du willst, sag dir, worauf du Lust hast!” Wenn sie sagen, Dr. In Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) bat er sie um “erklärenden Koran und seine Bedeutung, Gebetsteppich, Verherrlichung, Miswak und einige Bücher, die islamischen Gelehrten gehören…” und forderte, dass diese Befehle entgegengenommen und ihm gebracht werden. Obwohl die Familie andererseits angesichts dieser Anfragen große Sorgen hatte, musste sie sie erfüllen.

Some of the books he requested are as follows:


He told his first family that he was going to convert from Christianity to the religion of Islam:

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) has not yet shown himself by revealing at a young age with extraordinary differences in him, and now he must take a stand.

For this reason, the founder of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), who is 5-6 years old, Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) turned to his family and said: “He explained that his life is at the turning point and that his life was no longer at his own disposal from that point on, and that he prefers to change to the religion of Islam and live a life suitable for Islam, saying.

The family said, “If you come out of Christianity and change to the religion of Islam, we will reject you from adoption!”

Dr. The family of Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) could not bear it anymore and showed a great reaction; because if his family does not finish this request/preference he held important duties in the Christian world according to their own beliefs and that this is not possible in the Christian faith: “If you go out of Christianity They warned him very harshly saying.

He was rejected from adoption and left to solitude because he preferred Islam.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. With this choice, Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) insisted on choosing Islam and insisted on his desire to devote himself to Islam and convert to Islam. For this reason, although he was still a child, he was “rejected to be a child” by his family and punished for living a life alone and left to loneliness for the rest of his life.

Allah (C.C.) In the Quran: “For your information, there is no fear for the guardians of Allah. They will/will not be sad either”. (Yunus:62) and protects all parent-believers.

Change the name from “Rashid” to “Raşid İbrahim”.

One night, after his transition to Islam, he comes to his dream with Prophet Abraham (A.S.) and our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.V.) and reads the Adhan in his ears and changes his current name which is “Rashid” by chanting it as “Raşid İbrahim“. Thus, he is no longer called Rashid, but as “Raşid İbrahim“.

Opinion leader: “We are fully convinced that he is a godly marriage!”

The Islamic scholars who know him explain this situation as follows: “Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) acts as a complete circumcision of the Prophet. So much so that the exceptional state it shows has spiritual behaviors that do not correspond to the normal flow of life. With the open heart eye (stress/spiritual eyes) our belief is that he is someone who can produce solutions with medicine-alternative with the help of Allah (C.C.) for some rare (C.) that can be found at the same time spiritually-body) in the world and especially around him, the solutions with medicine-alternative Given all these developments, we are fully convinced that he is a God-friendly Evliya! They made statements in the form of.

He also completed his master’s and doctoral degrees and earned the title of specialized clinical psychologist.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) is completely dedicated to the activities carried out to have knowledge and develop it scientifically. Although he was very young, he had a significant knowledge and gained knowledge and knowledge thanks to all the traditional and cultural values in the deepening Islamic and religious literature. In fact, all these experiences were not enough that they were curious about spiritual communication and developed in this field. So much so that he preferred the scientific allocation and teaching in this direction, and so he completed all his schools with graduation success and finally obtained the title of specialized clinical psychologist and completed his doctorate with his master’s degree.

With methodical applications through medical literature and theories, he began to offer medical and intern-spiritual support to those around him.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in psychological and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A. ) has now reached the status of an experienced clinical psychologist and thanks to this opportunity/authority, he has started to provide free counseling based on “volunteers” in terms of psychological-medical and internal journey to the people around him both academically and spiritually and without negative In this way, he led many people to become Muslims and was even fired by being fired by some hospital administrations where he worked for this reason.

He determined the roadmap in the light of Quran and Sunnah-i Seniyye, especially in narrating 3 verses and 3 hadiths of sheriffs.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) determined the balance of 3 verses and 3 hadiths-i Sharif especially in the light of the Koran and Sunnah-i Seniyye, on which he stood with sensitivity. Within these 3 questionable verses and 3 hadiths, they go together by drawing the entire road map and leading their fans (ihvân).

The three verses and hadiths are as follows:

– “I created humans and jinns just so that they could “serve” me!” Surah Zariyat /56

-O soul that has become satisfied, you are satisfied with Him and return to your Lord, satisfied with you, so join my chosen servants and enter my Paradise! Surah Fecr  27,28,29-30

– “O Muhammad! They ask you from the soul. Say: The mind is a matter which my Lord knows, and you have been given only a little knowledge from knowledge.” Surah Isra /85

– “Know well that there is a tiny piece of flesh in the human body. If that piece of flesh is good, the whole body will be good. If it breaks down, the whole body will break down. This piece of flesh is “HEART.” Hadith-i Sheriff

– “Even if the science is in China, “find it” and get it!” Hadith-i Sheriff

-‘God is beautiful, loves beauty.’ Hadith-i Sheriff

The explanations of the three verses and hadiths are also as follows:

  1. Verse- /I have created humans and jinns only to serve Me!

Murshid Specialist in Mental and Neurological Diseases Clinical Psychologist Dr.Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), the founding instructor of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), is the 56th of Surah Zâriyât. In his verse (I created man and jinn only that they might serve me.), he took responsibility for the secret and evolved practices that would enable not only the servants but all beings to serve and do Allah, and ensured that these practices were made available to the whole world according to the ordinary flow of life in accordance with.

In order to fulfill the duty of servitude in the light of science, the whole subject was brought to life through sensitization to awaken those who are not obedient and instill the state of consciousness in them.

A scholar of thought, in a statement: "In order to be able to work to treat a part of the body of a person, it is necessary to eliminate that person ( narcosis-anesthesia), but in order to be able to treat a healthy person in the mental heart in the spiritual-inner sense, it is necessary to awaken that person (to wake him up from)

People are careless and asleep. However, believers are awake in a state of consciousness and always neurolan networks (helix-stearmary of the brain) are clear and not complicated. For this reason, His Holiness Mevlâ gave people the opportunity by giving them the opportunity to serve him and gave them this opportunity.

  • Verse / Fecr period 27,28,29-30: “Life is an opportunity to achieve Mutmainne”.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), Hayat emphasizes that the discourse “It is an opportunity to achieve Mutmainne” is an equation method and method.

This situation is one of the last verses of Surat al-Fecr ; “O soul that attains peace (Nefs-i Mutmainne)! Return to your Lord, the displeased and the merciful! Be among my chosen servants! Enter my paradise!” He evaluated his speech as a very meaningful opportunity and grace given to the believer.

In this context, Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), “The position of Mutmain is a blessing given to a believer to obtain the approval of the Creator by freeing him from the steps of the soul to the ‘Nefs-i Mutmainne’. Thanks be to God (C.C.). Praise be to Him for giving us this opportunity,” he said.

There is no such thing as “mental illness”; There is “heart health” and “mental illness”!

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) was appreciated and rewarded by doctors of mental and neurological diseases around the world and scientists with international articles in the same field. There is no such thing as “mental illness” before his own studies, especially general theory literature; There is “heart health” and “mental health” disease!

By integrating this opinion thesis with all patients coming for examination and treatment, especially in his own life, he assumed that the problem is completely in the basis of mind and heart. He procured the evidence for this situation with examples based on verses and hadiths.

  • Verse /Allah cc in a verse. ; “O Muhammad! They ask you from the soul. Say: “The spirit is a matter that my Lord knows, and you have been given only a little knowledge”.

Apart from deepening the issues related to the “spirit” by saying with the explanation in this verse, Allah (C.C.) has even warned us against manipulation!… It is necessary not to think about not being able to manipulate.

  1. Hadith- /This means; Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) has a hadith in the sheriff,

“Know well that there is a tiny piece of flesh in the human body. If that piece of flesh is good, the whole body will be good. If it breaks down, the whole body will break down. That piece of flesh is “HEART.

  • Hadith- /Even if the science is in China, go find it and pick it up….

Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), “There are significant and very strong traces of Islamic civilization on 7 continents. Each of us came for science. We aspired to science. We must consume our whole life in the way of science. “Emr-i bi’l ma’rûf and nehy-i anil münker” is a duty given to every Muslim and a “farz” he must fulfill. In this regard, our Prophet: “Even if science is in China, go and get it“. He said. In other words, “science from the cradle to the grave” is obligatory for all, it is obligatory for all Muslims.

  • Hadith- /Allah is beautiful, loves beauty….

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), “A verse informed us that ‘God is beautiful, loves beauty’. There is absolute beauty in every being. Japanese yin-yang philosophy also gave such a message. In fact, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) While passing somewhere, the companion and a dog fall with their body and those next to them are disturbed by the smell, and our Lord said, “Look what beautiful teeth they have” and saw the beauty in the whole created by Allah (Swt), and created awareness for us so that we can see a beauty in everything by shedding light on the present day He imparted his knowledge.

Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) His first meeting with the mentor and his lasting relationship.

Mevlana Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) (Master Baba)’s Sheikh Mürşid-i Kamil Sultan Sheikh Bedir Karahan (Kutb-ül Ektab) (K.S.A. ); In the case that the approval authority in connection with Naksiband and other sects at the level of “Kutbul Aktab In the West of the Universe (Europe), Mevlana Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) He appointed (Master Baba). Murshid Sultan Sheikh Bedir Karahan (Kutb-ül Ektab) (K.S.A.), Mevlana Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) “The sun will rise from the west one day!” by sending (Master Baba) to the city of “Berlin” in Germany before He aimed at the purpose of the Hadith Sheriff to find a death, and He acted.

MurshidSultan Sheikh Bedir Karahan (Kutbul Aktab) (K.S.A.), in this regard Mevlana Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) in the 1950s He considered (Master Baba) with wisdom in the field of appearance to go to Germany.”

Mevlana Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.), who was sent to Germany and was evil with wisdom in the world of appearance.

In this way, (Master Baba) pioneered the shaking of the Islamic banner throughout Europe, which opened doors for the sectarian community and communities that are exclusively reserved for other Turkish and various Muslim countries through an intense and sincere Muslim life, paved the way for the establishment of dervish lodges and various NGOs and helped Mürşidi Kâmil, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), who is among those who signed the beginning of this blessed Mukaddes Road and still continues this meaningful task, specialist in mental and neurological diseases Clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) and Mürşidi Kâmil Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) It is believed that his meeting with (Master Father) is again on the occasion of a spiritual direction.

So much so that Dr. A friend of Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) declares that he will come to him and go for a chat somewhere in Germany, saying that he has reached the information that “a saint will come as a guest“. Those who lived in that time know that since the Germans had serious antipathy, especially towards Islam, it was not possible for a few people to gather in one place and chat. However, Dr. As soon as Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) hears the word “Evliya“, a spark falls on his heart and a blaze of fire falls on his heart. In fact, this friend is afraid of the sanctions of the Germans and stops going at the last moment, but this time Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) persistently convinces himself and gradually joins the conversation together.

To the saint who came to the assembled place 'Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.). It is none other than (master father). In the first meeting, "discovering a secret", Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) Although (Master Baba) was in a crowded environment, he showed miracles and his eyes directly in that crowd, Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K. S.A.) He turns to (Master Baba) and points out that he comes to him with his body language and shouts, "Râşid Efendi, you were created for me and I am for you..." Immediately after his words, he continues as follows, "I was sent here for you!" There is information in the form of The mentor, however, is the perfect Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) (Master Baba) and Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) had never met before and never seen each other. Although they do not even know each other's names, Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) The fact that (Master Baba) pronounced the name and called him "Râşid İbrahim Efendi" caused the admiration and surprise of those there.

Dr. At that moment, something happens to Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) and he blushes as the fire burns the wood and his whole body is on fire. Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.), who showed cold-blooded behavior in the face of this situation. (Master Baba) immediately Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) holds his hands and hugs him tightly. After a while, the place of embrace turns the ring made with clay into a dhikr, so they dhikr with the command of loud. Name celal (Allah, Allah, Allah) begin and this dhikr lasts a few hours.

So much so that at the end of the dhikr, Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) now feels like an empty dowry box, as if he had entrusted all his knowledge, learning and experience to one place. Moreover, this situation is now Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) So it lasts every time he meets (Master Baba) and until his last breath. As the elders said, “Keep your tongue next to the scholar and your heart next to Evliya” mstur-stur-sürşîne never made a mistake in respect and respect for decency.

Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) (Meister Baba) Dr. Der Verweis von Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) auf die Hijra (Schweiz).

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake’s (K.S.A.) family pressure and the bullying imposed on him by the political and bureaucratic powers that recognized his family have become unbearable. His wife Hacı Kadriye Haake (Hacı Mother), who is a doctor like them and serves as a health manager (head nurse) in a private hospital in their region, moves to Basel, Switzerland by emigrating and has to continue her next life here. Because his family rejected him from adoption because he chose Islam, his relatives and all his friends showed the same reaction, and friendly relations have now changed their place to resentment and hatred.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. The heart of Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) beats with the love of Allah (C.C.), the Messenger of Allah (S.A.V. ) and his spiritual father, Murshid Sultan Sheikh Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.) One of the Companions Hz. Similar to the experiences of Musab Bin Umeyr (R.A.), he continues his remaining life by sacrificing himself, his family, and his whole self, presence, and peace on this holy path. (God C.C. bless them).

Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) conveys the main principles of Naqshbandism with Tassavûfî education towards his lovers/ihvan:

AbdulHalik Göcdüvani (K.S.A. ), one of the elders of Silsile, who is believed to have raised himself from the world of meaning itself by intervening and training the spiritual world, is 8, according to a rumor, and 7, and Hace-i Muhammed Bahaüddin Şah-ı Nakşibendi In fact, the “General Directorate of the Presidential State Archives” is registered in the Ottoman archives in the hypocrisy of the Republic of Turkey, where the Ottoman Sultans used these technical practices through the Shaykhülislam scholars beside them when they go to war after the war or when they make an important national (international) decision. (May Allah C.C. be pleased with them).

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.), informed these ’11 main principles’ which are the basic applications of the Nakş In particular, he showed sensitivity to the application of 4 (four) principles from the basic principles and advised them to give importance to the fans-ihvan in this regard. Although he focused on 11 main principles, he followed 4 main principles prioritized and accepted in accordance with the normal flow of life, thus incorporating them into their lives by applying them to their loved ones -ihvans.

Dr. Recommended by Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.); The source of peace, reverence and motivation are 4 of the 11 main principles:

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. The priority 4 (four) principles of Sufi education and the Naqshband Road established by Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.A.) are as follows:

1-Huş-der Dem (Mechanical remembrance of Allah with breathing techniques).
2-Sefer-der Vatan (Do not live as a tourist in the world like the tourist on vacation).
3-Nigah-ı Daşt (Seeing and managing negative thoughts that come into the heart).
4-Halvet-The One is the Committee (Feeling-righteousness-oneness in the crowd).

Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) enabled these 4 principles to continue their awareness and consciousness by integrating them into the lives of their loved ones/ihvan through methodical practices.

Dr. Rashid İbrahim Haake’s (K.S.A.) contacts and relations with some important parents around the world.

Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) Some important parents in Turkey and around the world have made direct contact with saints and mentors and established prophetic and spiritual relationships with them.

He came together with the help of Allah (C.C.) when he hosted some of them, some of them went on their own feet, and some of them fulfilled his duty as Hajj-Umre duty. “We are the branches of a tree. With the word “Our root and one of our body…” he made together many important programs in the framework of voluntary services on the holy path of Islam.

Some of the parents he was in contact with;
Kutb-ül Ula Zekeriya Buhari (K.S.A.)
Kutb-ül Azam Abdullah Habeşi (K.S.A.)
Kutb-ül Ektab Bedir Karahan (K.S.A.)
Murshid Musa Topbaş (K.S.)
Müceddid Mahmud Ustaosmanoğlu (K.S.)
Sheikh Nazim Hakkan/Cyprus-i (K.S.)
Sheikh M. Sayyid Baba Surûcî (K.S.)
Mevlana Murshid Muzaffer Özak (K.S.)
Sultan Abdullah el Darkav-i (K.S.)
Sayyid Sheikh A. He contacted friends of Allah like Muhammad Al Haznawî (K.S.) and continued some spiritual worship together. (May Allah bring you together in heaven as well. AMEN.)


There is no more “sect” (practice path) tradition-practice on earth. All sustainability in all regions of the world connected to the sect (Mukaddes Road) has ended and completely lost its functionality.

“As a reason for this situation, we can say that human ambitions have come into play and the corresponding wrong practices have begun.”

From now on, groups that exist in any way under the name of “retained mass” or different “composition“, not the sect itself, but the sect (the great road) itself.


Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu) was started as a new way and a new name application in the hypocrisy of the hypocrisy of the lineage of Prophet Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.). It took its name from the Prophet Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.), which carries peaceful meanings with trust and reverence, such as “loyalty, siddiqism, loyalty on the road and loyal on the road“.

“The path of faith has established an educational mechanism based entirely on scientific theory, science and methodological practices, and a way of life that can integrate Islamic civilization into life in accordance with the ordinary flow of life.”

So much so that Allah cc. In the Koran: “O you who believe! Fear Allah and be with the “believers“. It addresses with warnings and information only to “faithful” people. In other words, every believer and a believer should be with the “Sadives“. This is the obligatory order of Allah (C.C.).

What does “Loyalty” mean, what does it mean and what does it signify?

Loyalty is an important subject and its meaning is also very profound. Loyalty has a particularly important privilege in the eyes of Allah (C.C.) and in the world of meaning. Namely, loyalty is usually measured with our Prophet Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) Master and we are shown as an example that is also the most accurate. For example, no other person on earth has been given a spiritual nickname like “EKBER“. However, in this sense, our master Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) was honored with dignity both on earth and in the world of meaning by calling the name “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER). So why was such a great and sacred address given to a person when we say “ALLAH-U AKBAR” in our prayers and which we know belongs only to Allah (C.C.)?

On this subject, Murshid, the founding trainer of Sâdikat (Sadıklar Yolu), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) has illuminated by throwing as follows; The address/unc., which we say expressing Allah (c.c) while reciting the call to prayer or glorification of Allah (c.c) with dhikr, is actually not known in all Namely, the address nida "ALLAH-U AKBAR, ALLAH-U AKBAR" is known with the meaning of "ALLAH IS GREAT-ONE-YGHTY, ALLAH IS GREAT-GREAT-GREAT". However, this known meaning of "GOD IS GREAT-ONE-YGHTY, GOD IS GREAT-GREAT-GREAT" carries the meaning of "BEING", not the meaning of greatness and glory. In other words, when it is necessary to elaborate on the subject a little further, while reciting the call to prayer to invite all believers to prayer, we want to say "ALLAH-U AKBAR, Allah-U AKBAR" with the address-nida "ALLAH IS GREAT, GOD IS GREAT-ULU GREAT", but This is also the case with our dhikr and rosaries. We actually carry the meaning of "ALLAH FIRST, GOD BEFORE" with the address-U AKBAR". While inviting to prayer, we remind the whole universe, the world and all communities with the prayer that Allah (swt) comes first and that they should put aside their profession immediately and that Allah (swt) is above everything. Those who think mentally also know that this is the logical truth. In many verses we are told and warned the knowledge that prayer is important and protects from all evils and is undoubtedly the first priority. For all these reasons, we process and send the awareness that Allah (C.C.) is the priority of every mass of all mass in general life to the helix networks of subconscious neurons. The reason is not to forget. Man was created as a being who is naturally inclined to forget. In this area, where the soul of Satan-Naf can very easily interfere with our thoughts, we must face the truth by remembering that Allah (C.C.) will come first, even in every moment, and by revealing the knowledge that is sent to the subconscious.

Why was Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) given the name “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER)?

Now we come to this beautiful person and this honorable faithful friend! Why was Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.) honored our master with the name “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER)? Why do we attribute to him who belongs only to Allah (C.C.) (hasha). Why do we call him by the name “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER)?

Because our Prophet Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.) Lord “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I AKBAR) comes “BEFORE” from all companions. So much so that the first one who believes and the one who is subjected to our first master and says: “Whatever he says is true” for him. It is the name of the person who pushes all his property, belongings and all his personal rights with the back of his hand by throwing aside without hesitation for Islam and our Prophet. Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I AKBAR). There is also a verse about him that is honored with honor by Allah (C.C.). Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.) is the name of the person who stands beside and even in front of our Prophet in the cave, wars and every battle. “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I AKBAR). Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) is the name of the person who married his daughter with him and sacrificed his other wealth and property. “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I AKBAR).

While Hazrat Ali (R.A.) entered through a door next to our master (according to a rumor, Hazrat Omar r.a.), although our master Ali (R.A.) said to him, oh sir, welcome from the front, you are more important, Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık; (R.A.) He said that “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER) can not be inside, you should enter from the front because you are the son of my master’s uncle. Facing this attitude, Hazrat Ali (R.A.) did not give up and sir, but although he said that you were together in the cave and saw Nur Cemal-i, Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.). He said that “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER) is not possible, you should enter from the front because you are the son-in-law of my master and Fatima’s wife. According to the rumors, these mutual honor-beautiful disputes (example behavior for us) lasted for about an hour, which finally the door of science, this beautiful person, Hazrat Ali (R.A.), so stops, takes a deep breath and smiles and smiles, Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) He says to “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER); but you are also “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER)…. Then this honorable-good dispute ends and Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I AKBAR) enters through this door into “BEFORE” and those who see and hear now know that Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) “EKBER” (SIDDIK-I EKBER) is first and foremost.

In this way and with this meaning, we say to Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) “SIDDIK-I AKBAR” (BESINCE BEFORE THE COMPANING OF THE COMPANIONS-HERITED) and we should continue to say. For all these reasons, we should be with the Sadiqs as stated in the verse, and the measure of loyalty has been brought flawlessly until today by taking the measure of loyalty of Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) and brought flawlessly until today. Therefore, the name of our new path is SÂDİQAT (SADIKLAR YOLU). Loyalty (The Way of Faith) is only a continuation of this blessed Mukaddes heritage, but a new identity and a new formation that is flawless.

The source of measurement of Sâdiqat (Sadıklar path) is the Quran and authentic hadiths.

The measure and source of Sâdiqat (faithfulness path) is a new way of living that is entirely from the Quran and authentic hadiths, and especially combines the inner journey and living in the worldly life by using the available communication tools in the climate of spirituality.

In this time that we call the end times, all the disasters, troubles, worries and concerns experienced in the social and geographical sense along with fear transform their place into a peaceful, calm and internalized source of life and it is a technical practice that is a means to maintain the quality of life within the framework of life valued by Allah (C.C.),

Sâdiqat (Sadıklar street) balances by ending the day by acting in accordance with the measure of Islam in our daily lives and treating spouses, friends and relatives well, especially in the commercial and various shopping districts. In fact, thanks to all these balances, derwisch-ihvans remember Allah (C.C.) and thus fulfill their orders. In fact, Bedir Efendi, the time is the end time. It is wrong for the mentor to sit in one place and wait for a disciple, which is not the time. Because the time (Ahir-zaman) is very near. As much as possible, it is necessary to act in accordance with the normal normal flow of life by dispersing to the field road and mingling with the society, and communicating with the Muslims around them who are in the sleep of disobedience. It is possible to make this notification and live a life suitable for the lifestyle that we will invite in relation to the shoots of Islam. "A person with a cigarette in his hand cannot explain the harm of smoking!" Don't they say, be a man first and let go! Instead of inviting society loudly with religious terms, we need to set an example for people with our exemplary lives.

Daily short task diagram of loyalties (strast path).

Sâdiqat (Sadıklar Yolu); “The course duty order provides to be found with Allah (C.C.) with his spiritual state of consciousness with salawat glorifications through various dhikr suggestions, without the state of consciousness with repentance (Estağfirullah-elazim), his name celal (Allah, On the other hand, 11 main principle simultaneously means to complete the day in reverence with the way of life that Allah (C. C.) wants from us by using the technical application of the 4 principles in the 4 principles in accordance with the normal normal flow of life.

The difference between ‘SÂDİQAT’ and ‘TARİKAT’!

There is actually no difference between “SÂDIQAT” and “TARİKAT“. Both applications were initiated by Hazrat Abu Bakr Sıddık (R.A.) and are methodical and technical applications that have continued until today. It is a preferred way of life that leads to human life by integrating life into itself in accordance with the conditions as far as the religion of Islam is appreciated. However, Tarîkat (Mukaddes street) has been used for purpose actions to protect social and mass balance due to today’s conditions and conjunctures, so its sacred Mukaddes name is also transmitted in the minds.

For all these reasons, people, communities, groups and families in almost all geographies of the world, this holy Mukaddes name (TARİKAT) was afraid to express and be in it due to the negative perception formed before today’s developments, and now pulled away and for them to show this attitude and behavior. While the cult has self-processing practices, people have caused other people to lose their value in the eyes of other people by using this sacred/communicated being according to their own and negative interests. Unfortunately, this sacred/communicated way (TARİKAT) has now lost its value and worth in the eyes of people and societies, which is now remembered with poor definition.

Holding companies that manage revenue-generating NGOs, although they may appear to be nonprofit:

Although the relevant communities/groups seem to be non-profit organizations under the name of “economic organization” (commercial enterprise), there are a number of associations-corporate foundations and associations established to generate income, although they do not act in accordance with their interests. In addition, the so-called spiritual leaders/guides who run these businesses also have extraordinary luxuries and glorious lives. They continue the trading cycle of the income earned from the unfair revenues in question in order to survive, and continue their existing luxury life through the profit (income) they earn solely for their own lives. Thus, almost all communities/groups that continue to exist in today’s world struggle by striving to earn income.

Today’s sects (the vast majority) are not on a spiritual scale and line.

However, since the main capital of the sect (Mukaddes Road) is based on “voluntary service“, it contradicts the relevant systematic mechanism. For all these reasons, the groups/committees that have to exist cyclically in today’s conditions are not on the scale and manners expected by the spiritual world and the lineage of the sect (the road) erkan.

The functionality scheme was designed to fully generate income and use the big cake/payer of this income within their own structure.

The sacred road inheritance left by Allah’s friends carries children, grandchildren or groom “so-called”.

However, these groups/compositions have provided great social and mass services with a systematic mechanism under the guidance of the friends of Allah who showed sensitivity to social issues through a regular system in the right direction and the sect (the way of the way) and provided great social and masses and continued their activities in almost all geographies of the world, sensitivity to social issues (God C.C. bless them all).

However, in the 2000s, these friends of Allah duly fulfilled their duties and successfully completed their voluntary services, exercising the powers of the responsibility they assumed. Therefore, looking at today, the mission left by the relevant friends of Allah bears children, grandchildren or groom “so-called”. It is sad that holy heritages have set a bad example for our new generation of children who are the guarantee of our future, but the leadership of the holy way has been occupied and worn out and degenerated by the relevant people instead of the people who are merits (permissible). For this reason, they were remembered badly in the eyes of all societies and caused them to move away. (Allah C.C. May He correct them all with guidance. AMIN.)

However, dervish hivans dedicated to their service as “volunteers” for the peace comfort of the mentor by being near the circle of the first second degree are not in question. Under the motto “He who holds happiness licks his finger“, they were also blessed by using the acquisition spirituality of their mentors. (Allah C.C. be pleased with these dervish hivans. AMIN.)

“Mehdi will come and save us. Allah cc. So he will complete his light…” Those who say they try to escape easily and save their day.

They are guides/leaders for those who serve their forces with immaculate intentions and sincerity around them, sitting as the new leader in the sect’s office initiated or maintained by the friends of Allah. The name of the attitude here is not “spiritual authority“, but to act with their own desires and their own criteria on the path of the mission initiated by arbitrary preferences and practices. It has come to this day and unfortunately it is still going on.

“Moreover, every scholar, scholar or scholar knows that Allah cc. He will complete his light. However, these times that we call the end times, the form, scheme or system that can complete the light of Allah (C.C.) are not yet known in the societies!”

To the question, unfortunately, the answer of every community/group is almost the same. Namely, “The Mahdi will come and save us. Allah C.C. So he will complete his light…!” It is in the form of

“Constrenuous societies or honorary servants, however, know very well that there will never be careless loyalty, effortless care/means”!”

Furthermore, we must live a life by fitting into society. Otherwise, it is easiest and most convenient to sit at a certain address. However, Allah (C.C.) says, “I place peace and comfort in heaven! It is not finished yet. You cannot walk on this blessed and holy road (TARİKAT) without putting your hand and body under the stone. Moreover, it is never right to earn a living by providing important income by entering into the right of the servant/orphan by acting as the founder, leader and guide of the so-called road and acting as a “boss marriage system” for those who believe in him and serve with sincere intentions!

“However, the friends of Allah did not make any profit while serving the sect (Mukaddes Street) and his holy cause, on the contrary, they sacrificed without hesitation even the last few coins in their pocket with a last bowl of soup in his house.” (May Allah C.C. be pleased with them).

Lifestyle and philosophy of today’s sect branches and rulers:

The sect (Mukaddes Street) is led by people and people who get into luxury vehicles, walk around with dozens of prefabricated continental bodyguards, with clothes that professional workers can not even come up with military wages, consume two or three packs of cigarettes every day and do not even work with an insured employee and without losing sweat. The so-called sect (Mmuddes street) only contradict the life of community leaders consisting of communities/groups with Islamic law (measure).

In addition to all these unfair gains, they also give so-called advice around him by giving examples from the life and the life of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who had to spend his whole life with a sketchy entâri, an old wicker bed and a few dates. At the end of the conversation, they return to their glorious and dizzying extraordinary life. This does not happen with the sect (the path of strength). No way. It will not happen either!

We regret and observe with concern that these people are Gavsul Azam, Qutb and Müceddid sent to them (managers of the universe) every 100 years! Unfortunately, they attribute gains like holy (mukaddes) ün-titir like their office.

“As if all this was not enough; they accuse each other of various accusations, irreligion and wickedness!”

Although there are 12 sects and related branches of them, there is a separate management method, only one of them has damaged these ways (sect), which is holy even between the poor in itself, and to have very bad words and accusations against each other, and as a result of these attitudes and behaviors, they have now polluted a holy word like “sect” They forgot the devil and stoned each other and still continued this cruel attitude and behavior.

They destroyed the name of the sect and its dynamic structure by destroying it!

They destroyed its concept dynamics and basic technical structure by destroying its concept dynamics and basic technical structure by misusing the sect method and tradition of Sufism by using it in their negative interests.

They removed the tradition of sect and Sufism from their spiritual and dynamic structure and mixed it with the regional traditional customs and traditions of their ancestors and made the destruction more inseparable day by day, transformed the destruction into today’s “Bic” and unfortunately caused the societies to look at them with hatred and therefore to move away!

“Emr-i bi-l ma’rûf nehy-i ani’l-münker” is accepted, but the facts, which must be explained for mass opposition and cyclic reasons, remain unfinished!

Muhammad Bahauddin Shah-i Nakşibendi (K.S.A.), Müceddid-i İmam-ı Rabbani (K.S.A.), Gavs-ul Azam Sayyid Abdülkadir-i Geylani (K.S.A.) Just as great scholars like Sayyid Ahmet er-Rufai (K.S.A. ), Abu’l Hasan al-Shazelî (K.S.A.), and Shaykh Abu Abdullah Sirac’ed-Dîn Omar bin Ekmel’ud-Dîn-i Lahicî Halveti (K.S.A Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) also undertook such a role assignment. Moreover, there were those who opposed them, objected to them, and did not accept them, with the concern that their balance, which they had established at that time, would be disturbed. With the same concern, there will be those who object, those who do not accept today, perhaps tomorrow, and who oppose…

“All scholars know that this practice is also the Sunnah of a prophet”.

Just as it is a grace for all mankind with the awareness and innovative equipment applications that our Prophet (PBUH) has brought about what happened during and before the conquest period. If the procedure and method were not like that, they would not have said – the great scholars-ulemas that we have just listed would not have said: “We have brought a new identity and a new roadmap”.

“The most important thing here is that the news and messages in the notification are reached by the public addressee. Effort service is from us, appreciation naip is from Allah (C.C.)”.

Now, unfortunately, we conclude the issue by leaving the measure of the difference between these two lives and the distinction from each other to the public conscience, repeat the word “the good have come and gone on good horses” and end the issue.

We do not extend the subject into the scope of preventive measures regarding this issue, which has the character of universal responsibility and obligation in order not to displace the national and international political arena and the established (conspicuous) balances in the political media in the geographical and regional area in order not to cause threats and possible riots and dangerous situations.

However, due to the obligation of “Emr-i bi-l ma’rûf nehy-i ani’l-münker“, we leave the exclusive explanation of the responsibility of notification only to the conscience of the public.

If the current order had not been worn out by the abuse of genuine methods and procedures, and if the institutional identity of the sect tradition had not been damaged, the communities would not be afraid when they heard the name of the sect, and would not leave with fearful apprehension, and everything would have been rosy. A new path, identity and name would also not be needed.

Murshid, the founding teacher of Sâdikat (Sadıklar Yolu), who is associated with our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.V.), specialist in mental and neurological diseases, clinical psychologist Dr. The names of the lineup of Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.) are respectively as follows:

Peygamber efendimiz hazreti Muhammed Mustafa (S.A.V.) ile başlayan ve ”Sâdikat” (Sadıklar yolu) kurucusu Mürşidi Kâmil Ruh ve Sinir Hastalıkları Uzmanı Klinik Psikolog Dr. Râshid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.)’ye kadar gelen silsile isimleri sırasıyla şöyledir:

1 – Hazret-i Muhammed Mustafâ (sallâllâhu aleyhi ve sellem)

2 – Hazret-i Ebû Bekir Sıddîk (radıyallâhu anh)

3 – Selmân-ı Fârisî (radıyallâhu anh)

4 – Kâsım Bin Muhammed (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

5 – Câfer-i Sâdık (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

6 – Bâyezîd-i Bistâmî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

7 – Ebû’l-Hasan Harakānî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

8 – Ebû Ali Fârmedî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

9 – Yûsuf Hemedânî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

10 – Ebu-l Abbas Hz. Hızır (aleyihisselam)

11– Abdülhâlık Gucdüvânî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

12 – Muhammed Ârif Rîvgerî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

13 – Mahmûd Encîrfağnevî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

14 – Ali Râmîtenî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

15 – Muhammed Baba Semmâsî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

16 – Seyyid Emîr Külâl (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

17 – Bahâüddîn Şâh-ı Nakşibendi (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

18 – Alâüddîn Attâr (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

19 – Yâkub-el Çerhî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

20 – Ubeydullah-el Ahrâr (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

21 – Muhammed Ez-Zâhid (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

22 – Derviş Muhammed İmkenegî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

23 – Hâcegî Muhammed Semerkandi (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

24 – Muhammed El-Bâkī Billâh (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

25 – İmâm-ı Rabbânî Ahmed Fârûkî Serhendî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

26 – Muhammed Mâsûm Serhendî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

27 – Muhammed Seyfüddîn Serhendî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

28 – Seyyid Nûr Muhammed Bedâyûnî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

29 – Mirzâ Mazhar Cân-ı Cânân (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

30 – Seyyid Abdullah Dehlevî (rahmetullâhi aleyh)

31 – Mevlânâ Hâlid-i Bağdâdî (K.S.A.)

32 – Mevlânâ Osman Siraceddin (K.S.)

33 – Mevlânâ Şeyh Ömer Ziyaüddin (K.S.)

34 – Mevlânâ Muhammed Necmeddin-i Kübra (K.S.)

35 – Şeyh Baki Hocaefendi (K.S.)

36 – Kutb-ul Aktab Şeyh Bedir Karahan (K.S.A.)

37 – Mevlânâ Mürşidi Kamil Hüseyin Gümüş (K.S.A.)

38 – Mürşid Dr. Rashid İbrahim Haake (K.S.A.)